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Network testing calibration and monitoring solutions

Network testing calibration and monitoring solutions

We provide the market with the most advanced solutions from the world leading manufacturers of network testing calibration and monitoring solutions with the aim to speed up the deployment and improving performance of networks and applications.

Medium to large enterprises as well as internet service providers require such products to help them pin point the weakest spots in their network infra structures and to guide them on how best to handle them.

The products includes

• Calibration performance testing devices for copper and fiber optic Network cables.
• Software applications for network management monitoring and diagnostics that generates Specialized Analytical, reports & application performance management across LANs, WANs, & wireless networks
• Specialized devices and applications for wireless networks; that grantees best implementation scenario.
• Industrial Calibration and testing device to measure humidity, pollution, lighting & heat.
• Calibration and testing devices for telephone land line service Quality (XDSL).

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