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It was the year 1974 when late Eng. Tayseer Soudan realized the acute shortage of information about electronic components & circuits in the local market and the need to provide such knowledge, so he decided to establish SOUDELEC’ Soudan Electronics” for that purpose as a Personal challenge.

From the beginning SOUDELEC worked on making the most important reference books on electronics fundamentals, components & circuits available in easy to use format as well as introduced an Arabic version of those books; targeting vocational schools, technical institutes & electronic engineering university students, amateurs & professors as well as any other interested institutes.

SOUDELEC then supplied the local market with the latest best quality standard electronic components and circuits from premium brands to be used with information on how best to use those components in applied science.

At the verge of the 21st century SOUDELEC evolved further as the results of the business community realizing the necessity to communicate internally and externally with customers and clients so we started supplying the local market with wire & wireless network solutions Components like: copper cabling for local area networks, fiber optic cables for large networks, accessories as well as active network components along with any required computing peripherals.

Nowadays It is the era of the knowledge economy which is built on harvesting data to provide decision makers with information to be able to utilize resources efficiently; SOUDELEC developed its orientations once more into supplying the market with a wide range of internet connection, data storage and retrieval products, data centers equipment’s as well as power and clean energy lighting solutions.

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